MORA ABOGADOS - C/ Juan Ruiz Muñoz, Edificio Marino 1, 1ª 29602 Marbella - Phone: +34 952 779 600 - Mobile: 658 412 487


Mora Abogados is a Law Firm established in Marbella since 1984. We are specialized in Real Estate Law and Foreign Investments in Spain.

n MORA ABOGADOS we develop and maintain a completely trustworthy relationship with our clients. That is what makes us become their strategic ally and allows us to advise them efficiently, fitting their needs and with a completely personalized service.

The leadership and responsibility of the matter is assumed by the business partner, who coordinates the work of the professionals that take part in the matter, getting involved and participating directly in same
The founder of this Practice, late Felipe Mora Sánchez-Arévalo, started his professional carrer in Marbella in 1969. In 1984 decided to settle down on his own. Some of his former team members and a large number of clients followed him in his new venture.

In 1993 Luis Felipe Mora Durán joined the Firm, and so did Antonio Zarco Martínez in 2000, and Raúl Zarco Pilero in 2005 – all of them Lawyers. The economist and tax advisor Patricia Mora Durán joined them also in 2005.

Thus, we are one of the eldest Law Firms in Marbella, although we operate in other areas of Spain if required. We are a high-qualifed and experienced team, whose members are united by family and affective bonds as well. We do our best to extend these affection bonds to our clients. Mora Abogados not only offer them legal advice, but also global assistance to sort out everyday problems (domestic supplies, bank issues), which may be quite annoying for non residents.

And yet we are the ones to be grateful, for they are, thanks to their recommending our services to their friends and contacts, our main source of clients.